sustainability . . .

We feel local sustainability is an important part of our community and use local products whenever possible. We are also committed to using compostable or reusable materials.  All of our boxed lunches, disposables, and to go products are made from recycled goods and compostable materials.  We are striving to create a zero carbon footprint for our business.  We compost all of our kitchen waste and turn it back into our own gardens. 
Zero-Waste Quick Guide
1 - Use reusable tableware whenever possible
2 - If reusable tableware is not possible, use products that are created from renewable resources rather than products made from limited resource fossil fuels and virgin fiber.
3 - Compost or recycle all of your waste; use separate clearly-marked containers to help guests and/or attendants efficiently separate items.  
4 - Encourage guests to walk, ride their bike, carpool or take mass transit to your event, and provide information with your electronic invitations to make these alternatives as accessible as possible.
5 - Make your event carbon-neutral and offset CO2 emissions by supporting initiatives that reduce greenhouse gases.